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Morgan McClure
Morgan McClure Chevrolet GMC

Contact Information

  • Sales:(877) 212-0882
  • Service:(877) 865-7509
  • Dealership Contacts (877) 212-0882
    • Nicole Reynolds Photo
      Nicole Reynolds
      Office Manager
    • Kim Carico Photo
      Kim Carico
      Office Staff
    • Chrissie Haga Photo
      Chrissie Haga
      Office Staff
    • Stephanie Boyd Photo
      Stephanie Boyd
      Office Clerk
    • Vickie Ireson Photo
      Vickie Ireson
      Sanitation Engineeress
  • Sales (877) 212-0882
  • Service (877) 865-7509
    • Russell Mullins Photo
      Russell Mullins
      Service Manager
      Phone : 276-762-2311
      Fax: 276-762-5943
    • Rodney Jessie Photo
      Rodney Jessie
      Service Advisor
    • Regina Chaney Photo
      Regina Chaney
      Warranty Administrator
    • Mike Davis Photo
      Mike Davis
      Service Tech
    • Rick Olson Photo
      Rick Olson
      Service Tech
    • Teddy Jones Photo
      Teddy Jones
      Service Tech
    • David Helton Photo
      David Helton
      Service Tech
    • Chris Phillps Photo
      Chris Phillps
    • Chris Rose Photo
      Chris Rose
    • Richard Poston Photo
      Richard Poston
      Body Shop Manager
      Phone : 276-762-2311
      Fax: 276-762-5943
    • Cindy Hill Photo
      Cindy Hill
      Body Shop Secretary
    • Steve Salyer Photo
      Steve Salyer
      Body Shop Tech
    • Kevin Hay Photo
      Kevin Hay
      Boyd Shop Tech
    • Derek Thomas Photo
      Derek Thomas
      Body Shop Tech
    • Daniel Penix Photo
      Daniel Penix
      Body Shop Tech
    • Ronnie Church Photo
      Ronnie Church
      Body Shop Tech
  • Parts (877) 212-0882
    • Anthony Anderson Photo
      Anthony Anderson
      Parts Manager
      Phone : 276-762-2311
      Fax: 276-762-5943
    • Mark Linkous Photo
      Mark Linkous
      Parts Consultant
  • Finance (877) 212-0882
    • Scott Fields Photo
      Scott Fields
      Finance Manager
      Phone : 276-762-2311
      Fax: 276-762-5943